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AgroDataCube provides a large collection of both open data and derived data for use in agri-food applications. It is a work in progress, feel free to join our community on GitHub and the Gitter channel. The latest API version is Version 2.1 (V2.1). The V2.1 API documentation is available in Postman. For V1 see Postman V1.

For example:

https://agrodatacube.wur.nl/api/v2/rest/fields?geometry=POLYGON((4.2 52.0, 4.2 53.0, 4.3 53.0, 4.3 52.0, 4.2 52.0))&epsg=4326&year=2018&cropname=mais&output_epsg=4326&page_size=20&page_offset=0

Will return the first page of 20 crop fields where maize was grown in 2018, within the specified area. This area is given as a WKT POLYGON geometry, with (long lat) coordinates. The epsg and output_epsg indicate the input and output map coordinate systems to use, epsg 4326 is the code for WGS 84, the coordinate system used in GPS.

The default coordinate system used by the AgroDataCube is epsg 28992, the Dutch Amersfoort / RD New system. Data will be returned in GeoJSON format, and you can use paging parameters (page_size, page_offset) to request more data. The Postman documentation for V2.1 has all the information about available data, and the requests and parameters for retrieving them.

Version 1 is still available. For API requests use v1 instead of v2. For the API documentation see the Postman documentation for V1.


Please note that you need a token (same for v1 and v2) and provide it as a HTTP header parameter in the GET request for it to work. See below for details on how to request a token. HTTP header parameters can typically be set from any programming language, apps for sending web requests, or e.g. Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

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Release notes

Version 2.1


This work is published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Please include the DOI (see top of page) when referencing to this work. Open Data has been collected from the Dutch government and Rijkswaterstaat (PDOK), KNMI, and Wageningen University.


NOTE: AS OF MAY 5th 2018, OUR TOKEN POLICY HAS CHANGED, REQUIRING A ONE TIME REGISTRATION BY EMAIL IN ORDER FOR US TO TRACK AND ENSURE FAIR USAGE. Request your token here: online. Data in the AgroDataCube is free of charge following the license above. For different types of commercial use predefined licenses are available and can be requested here. These commercial licenses support our development and maintenance and thus the continued improvement of the AgroDataCube for you as a user.


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